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On the 1st April we made another trip to Jwaneng Botho travelled with a different team of people; each with their own objectives and possible ways to help. The team consisted of Veronica from Masiela Trust Fund, Shiraz and Karen from Out of Schools, Scott from UNICEF, Father Thomas, Lynne a Catholic worker and others interested in learning about the plight of these vulnerable Batswana. What impressed me most about this trip was the inter-faith collaboration between the Catholic Church and the Seventh Day Adventist Church. In a world where we are often divided, I saw unity in compassionate action, which touched me deeply. Blankets had been donated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and distributed by the Catholic workers. In addition, a temporary solution was forged which provides the mothers and their young with temporary access to the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital and doctors, until their issue of registration is resolved, so they can access care. We recognise that this is an impermanent solution, but for the time being we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that if a mother or child fell ill she would be able to access the health services necessary. This service has already been used! Father Thomas, who was deeply moved by meeting the homeless, has been visiting them each day with a good supply of food for all the homeless at both settlements. Our earlier trip on the 30th March brought some positive action from a number of parties. Since then the Minister of Local Government met with Masiela Trust Fund, Lady Khama, and Botho Movement to discuss the serious issues in Jwaneng with great outcomes for the Social Work that is needed there. Most importantly, the Head of National Registry confirmed registration in progress of all the mothers and children/babies living here,  finally meaning they will be able to receive birth certificates and ID cards which bring with them better access to the much needed health services. A big thank you to Mr Abdoola and Veronica from Masiela and to Dale from Lady Khama for making things happen. Things are looking up for the homeless in Jwaneng!