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Stepping Stones Int.
Partner, Charter for Compassion

Working for the Greater Good, One step at a time.

Stepping Stones International’s first program was implemented in Mochudi, Kgatleng District, Botswana. We provide an after school program for youth ages 12-18+, with outreach to the families and the community. The program was designed with input from community members, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Education and the District Multi-sectoral AIDS Committee.

SSI’s Vision is to be the recognized leader in the development of orphaned and vulnerable adolescents (age 12-18+) by offering the most creative, goal-oriented, and participative program in collaboration with critical stakeholders. SSI’s Mission is to unlock the potential of orphaned and vulnerable adolescents (ages 12-18+) by nurturing their mental, physical and social well-being and creating realizable opportunities for them to become self-sufficient.

Stepping Stones International sees the cultivation and promotion of compassion as fundamental to their vision and is a committed partner in encouraging compassion within Botswana and all humanity.