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Masiela Trust Fund
Partner, Charter for Compassion

Smiling Faces are the Best Gratitude…

The Masiela Trust‘s core objectivee is to raise financial aid for the care of orphans and vulnerable children which is then targeted towards the sharing and coordinating of orphan care and support.

We believe that to quote the words of His Excellency the Former President of Botswana, Festus G. Mogae, ‘Botswana remains a society in which the quality of one’s life is not simply measured in terms of what one acquires for oneself, but also what one gives back to others; we therefore have a sound reason to approach the coming New Year with a renewed sense of hope.’

The Masiela mission statement is that ‘Smiling Faces are the Best Gratitude’ Bringing happiness through empathy is at the root of all that The Masiela Trust do, with their commitment to Compassion made all the more clear through signing The Charter.