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‘I now realize that I can love myself.’
‘I love myself and I love you.’ 

‘I am because you are.’

~Compassion Training Participants

The below words were written about the recent, landmark compassion training in Botswana by one of the instructors at the event, Susan Knier.

‘Three cheers for the Botswana Ministry of Health (MOH) for sponsoring its inaugural Compassion Training, likely the first government sponsored compassion training ever for a nations caregivers!

40 Health Workers from throughout Botswana were taught this week through experiential/reflective learning in the name of cultivating Compassion this week! A real challenge in many ways as the group had faced real fatigue and burnout through their enduring hard work. Nonetheless, adrenaline and oxytocin from the love of serving such compassionate health care participants kept me energized and connected. Our participants travelled from near and far and the very fact that they so intentionally stayed present through the full 2-days of mind and heart practices was a demonstration of their courage and caring nature.

It’s not easy to lean into suffering and meet it with kindness, especially as one begins to discover the deeper parts of oneself and then to turn toward ones own resistances with an open heart. In the end, there was discovery of self love, connection, shared common humanity.

May these beautiful souls be free from suffering…and may those they care for experience the benefits of their hard work to cultivate compassion skills. For the power to influence healing is infinite for those they care for, including themselves in the circle of compassion.

Once again, I am leaving a part of my heart in Botswana.’

Susan Knier.