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Botswana making International Headlines as Vision Council signs Botho Declaration

On 12th December 2013, the Chair of the Vision Council, Mr M. Makgatlhe signed the Botho Declaration, committing to nurture compassion across all segments of society in Botswana. It was a truly wonderful day for us all and a beautiful moment for Botswana! The Botho declaration links to the International Charter for Compassion, a global movement bringing together organisations around the world in the name of compassion.

Most excitingly whilst it is normally only isolated cities that sign, the Charter for Compassion Organisation acknowledged Botswana’s ability to join the Charter as an entire country! The first country to be awarded this honour in the entire world! Everyone at Botho is delighted that Botswana has been recognised in such a way, committing to the compassion and love that is at the root of the Vision for Botswana.

Following this the Botho Movement has been working to complement the work of the Vision Council by establishing a network of partners countrywide, comprising a mix of 30 businesses, NGOs, schools, religious organizations and art societies. The message is a simple one:

  • THINK IT- to encourage people all over Botswana (in businesses, schools, work places and in their own homes) to think about how they are sharing compassion or how they can show compassion towards others.
  • FEEL IT – to foster respect and empathy for people in different situations and to try to see things from other’s perspective, through love and support, to be caring and understanding towards each other, to take responsibility for our actions and to recognise the effect that our actions or reactions have on others.
  • LIVE IT – to make acts of compassion part of peoples’ daily lives, creating an environment which fosters interconnectedness, caring and commitment for others and a collective sense of identity – a shared Vision.

To get involved or to see how your organisation might register as a partner in compassion just send us a note through our website. Become part of the change that you want to see in this beautiful country.

As always with love and compassion,

The whole of the Botho Team X.