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The Compassion It wristbands were launched in Parliament this week!

The Botho Movement’s fundamental aim is to nurture above all things, compassion. Compassion is sensitivity to suffering, with a deep wish and commitment to relieve this suffering in ourselves and others. To nurture compassion, the movement works to engage and to bring together all segments of society to:

 THINK IT- to encourage people all over Botswana (in businesses, schools, work places and in their own homes) to think about how they are sharing compassion or how they can show compassion towards others.

 FEEL IT – to foster respect and empathy for people in different situations and to try to see things from other’s perspective, through love and support, to be caring and understanding towards each other, to take responsibility for our actions and to recognise the effect that our actions or reactions have on others.

 LIVE IT – to make acts of compassion part of peoples’ daily lives, creating an environment which fosters interconnectedness, caring and commitment for others and a collective sense of identity – a shared Vision.

Compassion-It wristbands provide a practical yet simple reminder for the general public to perform acts of compassion on a daily basis. They come in a pair and the person’s first act of compassion is to give one away. You begin your day with the white side out, and flip it to the blue side, once you perform an act of compassion (Wristbands are in Botswana colours; black, white and blue).